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Selling price are discounted price, if purchase with other category sales items, select OFFLINE PAYMENT method to make payment, please ignore the total price, selft calculate the total & pay.

RM 59.50 (RM 119 item 50%) + RM 100 (3 for RM 100) + RM 6 (Peninsula Malaysia) = RM 165.50 

+ postage RM 6 for Peninsula Malaysia
OR postage RM 10 for East Malaysia(Sabah/Sarawak)

Any question please call to 04-3763005! 

1. Stock sold are not refundable or exchangeable.
2. Purchased item out of stocks please replace with other item/or keep balance.

Melinda Lacey Dress (Red)
RM 85.00 42.50
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Rebecca Denim Coat (Black)
RM115.00   57.50   50%
Stock available
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Rebecca Denim Coat (Blue)
RM115.00   57.50   50%
Out of stock
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